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Healthcare /  Tech Job List

Healthcare & Institutional / Tech & Laboratory 

KJD Architecture pc 
The Estime Group, OSU – laboratory CAD, plans and Interior elevations.
The Estime Group, U of Utah – 3d Master planning.
The Estime Group, ONPRC 3d modeling, Schematic Design, Building Renovations.
The Estime Group, OSU, 3d modeling, Phased Lab expansions, Schematics.
The Estime Group, ONPRC, 3d Schematic Building Design, Campus Masterplan 

The Estime Group, Billings MT – 3d masterplan, Schematic options – Under construction.
The Estime Group, UHA Stanford– 3d Master planning diagrams. 2011
DianaPlantSciences, 4000+sf of Clean Rooms & Associated Tech and Mechanical Expansion Completed -2012.
OHSU-ONPRC – 20 year official Master planning for Renewal of City of Hillsboro approvals. 2010
OHSU – Moody Ave. Distribution Facility Renovations - Masterplan, Schematic thru PDX Design Review Pre-Submittal Meeting.
OHSU – w/ OWStudio – Student Health Clinic Expansion - completed
OHSU-ONPRC – w/ OWStudio -Colony Annex Research labs. Masterplan, NIH funding approvals, Phase I completion.
OHSU-ONPRC – Data Center - Passive design feasibility and master planning.
OHSU-ONPRC – FENCE II - Primate Center entry drive master planning, Security Gates protocols and infrastructure & Guardhouse design - completion
OHSU – w/ OWStudio – School of Nursing Courtyard renovation. RFP winner – DD phase 2009
OHSU-ONPRC – w/ OWStudio –RFP winner, PENS Project- 5 phase master planning, NIH funding approvals – Construction of Phase I and Central Service Building.
The Estime Group, ONPRC, 3d Schematic Building Design, & Campus Masterplan 2008
One Health Organization – Cleveland, OH - 1.8 m s.f. / 37 acre masterplan. 2007
Boys and Girls Aid Society – w/ OWStudio – RFP winner, Women’s Transitional Housing Program – Master planning – D.D. 2005
Viado Residence – Accessibility renovation for quadriplegic client. Completed. 2004
Willamette Falls Medical - Canby OR – Westwood Development – Master Plan and Schematic Design 1993
The Klamath Tribes – Tribal Center Planning Presentations
The Grand Ronde Tribes – Tribal Center Planning- PowWow Center, Housing and Subdivision planning, Senior Housing Master planning.

JKS Architecture - Portland OR 1990 – 1993 Design Team Leader
OHSU RFP Marketing Team presentations
Jefferson Healthcare, Port Townsend, WA - Schematic Design and Renderings
Teare, Hermann, Gibons - Cleveland, OH 1983 Draftsman
 Multi-floor Medical Clinic - DD/CD team draftsman – Nursing stations, exam rooms.